Pixelated Fun


This is a small temporary site for pixelated fun and the games.

All the current games that are in development or the finished product will be available here.

The games are the latest versions.


Jump Ninja Jump | 20-8-2013

    Pixelated fun joined the battle on fight magic run this weekend

    Fight Magic Run is a weekly contest where you get a theme and 48h to make a game for a weekly prize of $100

    The game that was made by pixelated fun is jump ninja jump

Treasure Runner | 24-6-2013

    Hey everyone, Since X-3 is on hold for a while until I get a hold of some funds I made a new game to kill the time.

    Meet Treasure runner, a small infinity runner project I made to test some new functions

    You can play it here on the site or on clay.io (still pending for now but playable)

    Studio Balloon Animations has helped with the art on this project. As soon as they have something I can reference to I'll update

Changelog X3 | 28-5-2013

  • 1st boss added to game
  • 2 new levels (1 is basicly a moving platforms test as well as a button test)
  • new Achievments
  • playground now also serves the role of credits room

Changelog X3 | 25-5-2013

  • Pixelated fun is able to work again
  • Basic achievements added to X3

Changelog X3 | 15-5-2013

  • Enemy Slimey added
  • Sound added for: Dead, Energy summon, Slimey dead,Jump
  • Level 5 is now live
  • Level 6 aswel
  • multiple X-3 bug is fixed (it was fun for as long as it lasted)
  • Logic fixes

Changelog X3 | 6-5-2013

  • Animation change on slimes from slime cannons
  • Reset now resets the map so physics puzzles are now reseted aswel as any enemies
  • The energy ball has got a graphics update
  • Menu screen added
  • Level 4 is now live